Step One: Discovery - What’s in your box?


  • Step 1A: Ask the question. Record the answers. This question encopasses the following:
    • Complete description of the issue(s) you are trying to solve.
    • All of the technology and tools you currently have, whether in-house or third-party.
    • All of the internal and external processes around the issues you are trying to solve. Process and technology work hand-in-hand. If the process is misunderstood or bad, technology can be less effective.
  • Step 1B: Ensure Thorough Understanding
    • Create a simple wire-frame of the people, process, technology and tools around the issue(s) to
    • Present wire-frame and iterate (as needed) to a full understanding of the issue(s)
  • Depending on the scope of the work, there may or may not be fees to execute the Discovery Process.